To celebrate Father's Day, here are some eco-friendly ways and products

Make Father's Day this year both special and eco-friendly at the same time! It's easier than you think! From green activities to gifts with minimal environmental impact, there are plenty of thoughtful ways to celebrate Father's Day.要過個既特別又環保的父親節其實很簡單!

1. A Father's Day picnic
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Take Dad out for a meal amidst nature! Pack a blanket and a basket full of his favorite organic snacks and drinks and head out to a local park. Walking or take public transportation (instead of driving) to the area where you plan to picnic will make for the most green Father's Day.帶著家人到附近的綠地野餐,不用大魚大肉,只要準備些爸爸愛吃的小點心及輕食蔬果、健康飲品,一家人一起徜徉在大自然的氛圍中,愉快閒適地共度暑假慵懶的午後將會是不錯的選擇!

2. A Father's Day  full of upgrades

Most fathers love to tinker with the tools, and will love it even more if you share in the tasks with him. Put together a box of new energy efficient items from the local home store and spend the day helping him install them. Not only will you spend quality time with Dad, you'll help upgrade energy efficiency while lowering his future bills!平常爸爸除了上班外或許還充當家裡的水電工,不如就趁父親節準備好工具箱一起和爸爸為家裡的設備做簡單的環保檢查吧!我們可以將家中燈泡換成省電燈泡、加裝省水裝置等簡單的動作一起為家裡付出一份心力,不僅分擔爸爸部分的工作量,也省下可觀的水電開銷,爸爸一定非常開心!

3. Have a trip by bicycle

A trip that is planned by yourself.規畫一趟單車行程,既環保又有運動的效果,可以親近大自然又可增進家人的感情。而自己規劃行程更能從中學習,更懂得周詳的思慮也會變的更成熟!

4. Show Dad you care with a card

If you're getting Dad a Father's Day card, you have a couple options for going green. The most green, of course, is to make the card yourself by recycling materials around the house. The unique gesture will surely bring a smile to his face! Another way to go green is by purchasing a card printed with non-toxic or organic inks on recycled paper.利用回收媒材加上巧手以及一顆真誠感謝的心,製作一張獨一無二的父親節卡片絕對會讓爸爸開心一整天!另外,買張eco-friendly的卡片,寫上誠摯的話語也是不錯的選擇喔!

Top 10 Ways To Celebrate Father's Day

6. Une fête des pères sans achat
Une fête des pères sans achat  

Vous pouvez offrir à votre papa des photos dans un album ou dans un grand cadre où vous les aurez préalablement collé pêle-mêle ; des photos de souvenirs de votre enfance. Cela s’appelle du scrap-booking. Vous pouvez également décorer le cadre, rajouter un quelques mots, des objets qui lui rappelleront les bons moments passés ensemble.一張小時後的照片或一些能喚起爸爸年輕時記憶的東西加上自己做的簡單相框,寫些感性話一定能喚起他美好的回憶!

With these easy ideas for having a Green Father's Day,  you can do it without breaking the bank!


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